SubStrata SCIP

Helping organizations grow and thrive with our unique sales technology – covering the entire sales process.

A Dealmaker's Invisible Assistant

No matter the title on your LinkedIn profile, if you’re handling deals online, partially or entirely, you need to check us out.

Substrata helps dealmakers of all kinds (Inside Sales, Business Development, CEOs, Investors, Bankers, etc.) understand the reality of the pipelines they handle, negotiate better terms with prospects, and close more deals, in less time and less effort, period.

SubStrata isn’t another “conversational intelligence” tool that transcribes sales calls into text to produce shallow correlations. It’s a groundbreaking ML platform that understands the “subtle stuff” – better than you ever thought possible.

The Technology

Imagine what happens when Natural Language Pragmatics, Verbal Behavior and Social Dynamics interact with S.O.T.A. Deep Learning technology. Our algorithms are being trained to understand and make sense of highly nuanced, subtle, context-rich, transaction-related, real world interactions between buyers and sellers – getting smarter, better and more accurate every single day.

API & Integrations
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