The Obsession

SubStrata is a Tel Aviv based technology company that develops irritatingly innovative solutions for salespeople, dealmakers and business development professionals.

Uniquely positioned in the growing ($70.1B / 9.4% CAGR) sales-technology industry, team SubStrata is everything but that old typical “sales enablement” bore you see all around: we are obsessed with designing and building incredible tools that solve real-life problems, helping struggling businesses shift from red to green and helping growing companies win more sales revenue and thrive.

Our mission is hard and demanding. We often need to dive deeper than everyone else, but getting to the bottom of things and helping others excites us and makes it all worthwhile.

To understand what happens when Psychology, Sociology, Social-Network-Analysis, Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence get fused together into a sales acceleration solution – drop us a line via our contact page.

SubStrata is looking for awesome new talents to join its team. Please don’t be shy and reach out at:

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Consultants, advisers, outsourced R&D service companies and unaccredited investors: please contact us here

The Obsessed

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