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SubStrata is a Tel Aviv based company that develops mind-bending B2B solutions. Our first solution, SubStrata for Sales, is designed to help B2B dealmakers close more deals faster and with less effort, by analyzing subtext-forming nuances and hidden social cues found in transaction-related communication between them and their prospects.

This audacious mission involves non-trivial ML technology, primarily in the realms of Deep Learning (Deep CNNs, RNNs) and NLP (ASR, Semantic & Pragmatic Analysis). In the future, we hope to help companies solve other serious problems, not just in sales, but also in HR and other areas of business.

Our team values creativity, speed, logic, confidence, flexibility, integrity and authenticity. We’re looking for new talents, so if you’re curious, drop us a line or opt-in to one of the open positions below.

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Our offices are located in 7 Leteris St. Tel Aviv, Israel. Contact us to schedule a visit.